We stock organically produced grains in the village where they were produced. you can order from anywhere in India to get from the selected village.


What is an eDronePad?

eDronePad is a place of loading, unloading and distribution in most villages of India for goods and flight passengers.


What does eDronePad do?

eDronePad Picks up from your doorstep & delivers up to your doorstep; most of the things which are legally permissible.

eDronePad also picks up flight passengers from helipad and leaves them to their destination and picks them up from their places and helps them to board their flight.


Is eDronePad available for my place?

eDronePad is available for your town or village on first come first basis.


Is only one eDronePad proposed for a village?

Yes only one eDronePad is proposed for a village.


How can we request eDronePad ownership for our city or village?

Only one in one village

You must request eDronePad allocation in your city or village right now by filling out this form

Tomorrow you may lose the opportunity; forever to your opponent.

We allocate on a first come first basis.


Is there any opportunity for self-employment or job in eDronePad?

Yes; to get self-employment or jobs in transportation, packaging of goods, storage and travel arrangements you need to apply now from here.


Do we need to have some prior experience for self-employment or jobs in eDronePad?

Yes; it is very important.

You must have an experience of doing at least one task (of any kind) with recognizable responsibility; before applying here.

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